ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION: Georgia Telling Parents Tall Tales About Proficiency

“Georgia sets the lowest bar in the country for student proficiency in math and reading,” says Maureen Downey of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She goes on to note:

“Based on how many Georgia kids judged proficient by the CRCT end up scoring below proficient on the NAEP, the state wins the whopper of the year award.

Georgia leads the nation in the gap between what it deemed proficient in 8th grade reading and what NAEP defined as proficient; there was a 65 percentage point difference between Georgia’s reported 2013-14 proficiency levels and the state’s 2013 NAEP proficiency level.

It also has the greatest gap in 4th grade reading, 60 percentage points.

In 8th grade math, Georgia led the nation with a 53 point gap. In 4th grade math, we had a 43 percentage point gap, the second highest in the nation after Louisiana.”

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