The 74: William Bennett: GOP Wrong to Run from Common Core — Because the Standards Are Working

From The 74:

“Consider the following success story. For many years, American education has suffered from an “honesty gap” problem. Certain states had diluted their performance exams in English and math so that their students’ results were far better than reality. For instance, the District of Columbia reported that for 2013-14, 65% of its 8th grade students were proficient in math. However, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) – regarded and praised as the nation’s report card – reported that about only 19% of its 8th graders were proficient in math.

But steadily that honesty gap is being fixed, thanks in large part to the adoption of the Common Core. According to a new report from Achieve, where states have fully implemented the Common Core – such as in Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee – strong evidence exists that higher standards and aligned tests are working to close the honesty gap.” – William J. Bennett,  former U.S. Secretary of Education for President Ronald Reagan

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